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May 30 2012

有些日子之前,不知怎么发现我的《Sleepwalk》在photo-eye有卖。再次感谢good morning light;想知道他们的近况。

然后,几个星期前,收到photo-eye主办者的信,邀请加入他们新弄的一个数据库Art Photo Index。这个项目还没有大范围公开,连浏览也需申请。可以点击“Learn More”看个究竟

数据库不接受自荐,只邀请photographers exhibited, published or selected by important galleries, magazines and organizations加入。

Photographers included in Art Photo Index are selected as a result of their accomplishments in the field. For example, many of the photographers included have been published by major photobook publishers or have been featured in art photography magazines. Some have received awards given by various organizations while others are represented by major photography galleries. These include Aperture, Blind Spot, European Photography, Guggenheim Fellowships, Santa Fe Prize and many more.


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