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English Writing of Statement for the Restroom

Jul 22 2012 Published by under Arrrrtistry,Teech Mee Enqlizh

[Updated, Jul 22, 2012]


Inferring from personal experiences, our minds always wander from what we are doing and where we are, especially when in an unexpected state of privacy such as becoming alone in a public restroom. We look where we might not otherwise look, or gaze at something but not see it, while our minds stray from the gurgles for an instant. What if it was even a restroom with a view?

On the third floor of my office building, there is a restroom with a big window to the sky. Last June after waking up again to the actuality that I would not be able to photograph as a full-time artist, I started taking pictures in the restroom when it happened to be vacant during my coffee breaks. I believed that I would eventually capture something that the office workers on my floor gazed at.

Each picture in the book corresponds to one of those gazes. I know that I can record what someone looks at, but I cannot show how his mind travels, or how far, from the object he looks at. If the photographs taken through the same window with the same composition bring some boring images, then they are boring. Tao Yuanming*’s words, “The carefree clouds float between the mountain peaks,” probably means the boredom logical. By the way, a Chinese reader might effortlessly think that this line is more a portrait than a landscape, a portrait of the author or even the reader himself.

There might be, however, another perspective on these images, which I learned from the first rough sequencing of the photos. The book can be seen as an album of a single trip. The trip lasts almost 90-page long, seemingly through the day and night with erratic clouds haunting it almost the entire time, yet could occur actually during a quick, random gaze. Thus, instead of Chinese classical poems, something else is coming to my mind. Those are La Zattera Della Medusa by Theodore Gericault, The City by Frans Masereel and the paintings with windows by Edward Hopper.

* Tao Yuanming (also known as Tao Qian, 365–-427) was a Chinese poet of the Six Dynasties poetic period (ca. 220-589 CE) and generally regarded as the greatest poet during the centuries between the Han and Tang dynasties. Tao is also the foremost of the “recluse” poets. Tao Yuanming. (2012, May 24). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 16:15, June 8, 2012, from

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Gaze Around in a Restroom?

Jul 21 2012 Published by under Teech Mee Enqlizh


…when in an unexpected state of privacy such as becoming alone in a public restroom. We look where we might not otherwise look, or gaze at something but not see it, while our minds stray from the gurgles for an instant.


We were looking at what we might not elsewhere…


我现在接受她的句子,顺便想,如果能分析之的话,改这个句子的时候,C.J. Shane(给我改句子的老外),是个普通的白人老外——她看到了一个怪异的句子,还是一个普通的外教——她看到了一个不合适的意思?


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The Whole Times Square Thing

Feb 28 2010 Published by under Teech Mee Enqlizh

Google搜索词:pee times square eve,搜到一串帖子staying warm whilst ringing in 2010,摘些意译出来。译文标题叫“纽约除夕杯具录”。


怎么才能在时报广场过个舒服的新年前夜?想去看掉水晶球。我男朋友十年前去过。他警告我别想太好,会很惨。他说得很早就去,然后一小时一小时一小时熬,冻得要死,没事做,就是等着那个点。我70度一过就会感冒。不过我是密歇根的,我想我能挺过来。有点怕怕,可还是想做那种“总要做一次,说我做过了”的事。我主要担心的是到了那儿怎么小便。保暖没问题,热巧克力啊,酒啊什么的,可你从那么早就一直呆在那里,一个女生,嘘嘘怎么办呢?要带上什么东西?什么东西不能带?占哪个位置比较好?这么长时间里干啥呢?该穿什么才暖和?多给出些主意吧。 Continue Reading »

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Connor’s View

Nov 10 2007 Published by under Arrrrtistry,Teech Mee Enqlizh

Tim Connor,Flickr上叫 colorstalker,有一篇评论我照片的文章。我想完整理解他的细微意思,就试着译成中文。最近正好有个教训,知道翻译真不是我能做的;当然不是中文问题。不过,翻译的这个过程,至少可以促发些事情来想想。


Tim Connor

九位散居美国的中国摄影师的展览,“亲密距离”,11月8日周四晚7点到9点,在布鲁克林Q Art Space开幕。更多信息点击这里

九位摄影师之一的郑耀华(在Flickr上他叫zeyez),我一直看他的作品。他拍摄无表情风格的、貌似乏味的照片,街道、路口、大楼、餐馆、住宅,小公园,都是昆士区的那些普通地方。第一眼看上去,这些照片似乎是毫无戏剧性的随手拍。不过,继续看,你会看到它们是精心构成,细致安排的。虽然照片只是照片本身,但它们光线的苍淡,事件的极度缺乏,又使它们充满了不那么容易言说的意味。它们想要说什么? Continue Reading »

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First Lens Board

Aug 18 2007 Published by under My Dad Is An Artisan,Teech Mee Enqlizh



弓锯,三块九毛九。Coping saw。
法兰工具,用大剪刀正好(反正旧快门)。Flange,Spanner wrench。


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Jul 11 2007 Published by under Arrrrtistry,Teech Mee Enqlizh


John Szarkowski, Curator of Photography, Dies at 81

Published: July 9, 2007

John Szarkowski, a curator who almost single-handedly elevated photography’s status in the last half-century to that of a fine art, making his case in seminal writings and landmark exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, died in on Saturday in Pittsfield, Mass. He was 81.
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